VIM project

Virtual Mobility World



Figure 1: Suggested architecture of the integration platform

Figure 1 shows an overview of the planned solution, which is based on various data sources of both historical and real-time data. There are three types of data: Live, Context and Dynamic.

  • Live Data: data updated in regular intervals. Once the new records are available, the old ones are no longer valid. For example, Live Traffic Data, Weather Data.
  • Context Data: data that remain constant for the duration of the project. For example, maps, public transport timetables, historical data (on weather, traffic, mobility demands), POIs, structural data (number of inhabitants, income, etc.)
  • Dynamic Data: Data that occur without clear anticipation and have a short lifespan. For example, events (events, subway interference, etc.), warnings (traffic, accident, weather, etc.), mobility requests (live).

These data are edited, stored and integrated into the platform to be used for the simulations. The next step is controlling the various simulations and data analysis components.